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Welcome to MusicMakers 2018 !!

Thank you for visiting the Performers page for MusicMakers 2018.  Here, you can find all the information you need to make your experience at MusicMakers as fun and exciting as it should be!   There is information regarding some massed choir rehearsals where we bring everyone together on a Friday evening for an extra practice.  It’s super fun and helps get everyone really energized in the weeks prior to the show.  Here, you will also find the massed choir music as well as some mp3’s to help you learn the song.

If ever you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  No question is a silly question, and I’m very happy to help you in any way I can.

Happy music making!!


Event Details

Where:  Palais de congrès, 50 boulevard Maissoneuve, Gatineau, J8X 4H4

When: Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 at 5:30pm


Media (Photography and Video)

Please note that because this is a public event, we cannot control individuals potentially recording or taking photographs.  Please read the following notice from the WQSB’s Secretary General with regards to this.


Massed Choir Rehearsal

Everyone is welcome to attend the extra massed choir rehearsal.  Parents can drop their kids off (sign them in) and pick them up (sign them out).  Students will be led through a massed choir rehearsal where we will go over the massed choir song in great detail.  Attendance is free and optional, but all are encouraged to attend.

Where:  Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School, 2 rue Millar, Gatineau, J8Y 3N3

When:  To be determined.

Who:  Any student in the Western Quebec School Board


There are two massed choir pieces.  I highly encourage every school to sing this and participate.  Singing with hundreds of other kids is a unique opportunity and a memory that lasts a lifetime.  The pieces will be posted here in early January 2018.


Chanter is a piece written by Philippe F. Duquette in 2013.  Philippe has very kindly agreed to let us perform this inspirational song at MusicMakers.  The song consists of two main tunes.  We all sing the first tune together, and then the second tune.  After that, we split into two parts, with each part singing one of the tunes.  We then modulate up into a new key, and we sing the two tunes in parts once again.

Learning guide:

A – Review the french text

B – Learn each tune by memory

C – Once this is done, try having one half the group singing the first tune with the other half singing the second tune

I would recommend having students learn from the “melody only” sheet.  The PDF of the complete piece is intended as a reference for music teachers.

Chanter (melody only) – (PDF)

Chanter – (PDF)